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I must say that the West Fargo location treats their employees like absolute garbage. Not to mention that their "scolding" wa I checked in here at am it is now 12pm and I still havent gotten a bed. Its ridiculous to sit here for almost 3 hrs to recieve 20 dollars my time is worth more than this and quite frankly I feel disrespected that they think its ok to just be short handed and waste my time I asked Alexis if she would change her gloves during my donation because she had iodine on them. She then got upset and said, "We don't change gloves after set up.

I had an appointment scheduled for I showed up at for them to tell me I was late and they had no more openings for the day. Day before appointment was at 4 to hear I couldn't donate because my pulse was 1 point to high.

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I drive 35 mins 1 way twice now to be turned away. Today's wa Biolife made me give information about my mental illness to them from my doctor. Then after they had all of my personal information they declared that I wasn't a "good" candidate because of my Bi-polar disorder.

Their actions I felt were unlawful.

Plasma donation requirements

I came into donate last week and I couldn't because of my iron low. I received a phone call later that night from a staff member that accused me of having my nose pierced she noticed it was red and she was very rude. She proceeded to tell me that I had five days to produce a photo My son Matthew Baker presented his coupon for his account in the front at the finger [censored] station.

In front they told him to show person in back. He then showed them I was right next to him and saw this personally. She said it should have been taken at front but she would get I went to my newly opened facility and waited for over 2 and a half hours to finally get seated with the nursing staff for assessment only to be told that since I have been diagnosed with no-polar disorder that I would be unable to donate today and that they would have to contact my psych I've e been a loyal donor for a couple of year until recently when I was deferred for my elevated heart rate.

I have done everything that was asked of me. It took months of appointments and phone calls and was ultimately deferred due to my medication, propranolol. He told me to make sure I enter the promo code just in case so I did, however upon completion I did not I was in last week and tried to come back to donate and I couldn't cause I gave the wrong date of when my tattoo was done and tried showing proof of when it was done but no manager was around to do so.

BioLife locations reopen, limit donations to once per week in June

Tried calling to make sure I can still show proof and cause I couldn't show anyone my Bathrooms at this place are terrible. Always out of toilet paper and trash on the floor. You can tell an employee and it still does not get taken care of. Being a medical facility, you would think things would be checked more often. They need someone in charge of keeping an eye on the This is a new center for Biolife and I was a founding member on opening day.

First of all, that day we only went over paperwork and got physical, no donation. Came back to donate twice and in those 2 times, was stuck twice wrong, re-stuck once, and then infiltrated. I came back today to do I received a huge hematoma while donating and the nurse doing it took the tube out of my arm and forgot to shut off the pressure cuff so blood flowed everywhere.

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It has been a week and it has gotten much worse and very painful to the point i cant really use that arm for anything. Went back My name is Matthew Aaron Walker. My phone is [protected]. I started off at the Casselberry Clinic and transferred to Now those veins are at a normal size instead of being varicose. I talked to my doctor immediately after, questioning this. His response wa My Brother has been donating for extra cash So, I thought I'd give it a try So, I scheduled appointment, then had to reschedule it 2 or 3 times So, today Sept.

So, today was my day, to be a big girl and Went to call this location today, only wanted to ask a simple question on whether or not it would be ok to donate at this location even if I went to another location about a year ago. In the midst of talking I wasn't warned I would be put on hold and got put on hold for a brief second and I have been going to BioLife for the past six months.

Everything has been decent. Until recently, the associates have kept me waiting once I am seated. It's ridiculous. What should In order to qualify for plasma donation , there are a few requirements that you must meet. In addition, these donation centers want to ensure that you have no diseases which could be passed onto someone else. To understand more thoroughly what types of health problems could keep you from donating and whether or not donating plasma hurts, read this. BioLife has centers in almost all states and in many cities across the United States and it is one of the highest paying plasma donation centers.

BioLife Plasma

Once again, this all depends upon the center. In addition to the actual cash that you get, some centers have prizes or gifts that they give to those who sell their plasma, as an extra incentive to get people to use their services. Most centers want people to donate around twice per week, so they want to encourage people to do this by offering extra incentives.

Some centers even give you more money if come in twice a week. If you like this option, you may also be interested in how some folks are making money from clinical trials. I personally think donating plasma for money is a great way to not only make a few extra dollars but also to help others who depend on such blood donations for their health. This is so wonderful!

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Just wondering, thanks. Hi Charly, I am not sure about the age restriction and whether or not parent sign off will help. Best option would be to call the local center and ask. Good luck. The said pay is a month. Kudos to you, my friend. Most of us tend to skim the content online so we miss a lot of the important info. If I can help somebody by taking a few seconds, even if it is something I already explained in the post or in reply to other commenters, why not, you know what I mean?

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