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Only had half of it as was quite strong - I wish I had some water to dilute it down. It was very sweet, maybe they went nuts with the syrup! Not available right now at all local maccies so cant get one as presume expires midnight. Bit of a con to get you to visit their site by the looks of it. By , the first franchised branch had opened in Illinois and by , the company had an international reach.

The first UK restaurant was built in , in Woolwich, London, and there are now over outlets across the country. They also have a very prominent high street presence, you can locate a nearby branch by checking on their Restaurant Locator. On the website they provide details of each item of food and drink available, including its nutritional value and a photo.

Here is a list of the key items you can buy in the restaurant or from the drive through:. Once a year, usually in the spring, the restaurant launches its McDonald's Monopoly promotion. This gives customers the chance to win small treats like burgers or shakes instantly, but also collect stickers to win bigger prizes, like gadgets and cars. To take part, diners peel away the Monopoly stickers on their food packaging.

Instant prizes are revealed inside, but they can also try to collect all the properties on a Monopoly block for bigger prizes. There is a comprehensive menu showing each item that can be purchased and plenty of colourful images of the products. You can choose to order your meal at the counter to eat inside the restaurant, or to take away. You can also order at the drive though, and then pick up your takeaway food without leaving your car. Alternatively, you can have an order brought to you using a third-party delivery service, like One Delivery.

They can offer an apology and replace your food immediately.

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If you do not feel satisfied with their response, you can ask to speak to the manager or duty manager for that shift. You can use it also to search for nutritional information. We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy.

More information Agree. There are some decent offers going live on the McDonald's app over the next couple of weeks : On the 5th November you will be able to receive a Big Mac for just 99p and on the 22… Read more.


SonniDelite Could I use this to get a fillet BenderRodriguez We live in a country where morbidly obese NHS nurses eat at KFC thanks to their staff discounts programme, after which they hand you leaflets about the importance of healthy lifestyle. BenderRodriguez Me. Posted 18 h, 26 m ago Posted 18 h, 26 m ago. There are four coupons on Monday 28 October Metro newspaper P.

Each offer is o… Read more.

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Great Tastes of the World for example. RollTide "Our shields are down I always get asked and I have seen other customers be denied the food, or asked to pay the difference when not being able to produce an actual voucher szczebrzeszyn Check them RoosterNo1 Used them a few times at drive through RollTide For all those at the current Rebellion Extinction event LeeDawson Scan the voucher at one of the self-serice screens and you can scan it again and again.

Deal Alerts! Want the hottest deals in your inbox? Subscribe to receive an overview of the hottest deals posted each day. Ellie62uk Already used from this post The McFlurry van is touring universities across the country as part of the Freshers19 - and you can get a free McFlurry from the van when they are at your campus. And now they are… Read more. Posted 6th Sep Posted 6th Sep. Good offer here which runs from the 9th - 13th September. AgentDaleCooper Just had it. Greasy as Hell and taste like nothing but free is free!

Have some heat reindeer y.

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Posted 5th Aug Posted 5th Aug. New offer showing via McDonald's app - runs until 11th August. Chanchi32 Get deal Get deal. I hope you get a satisfactory result from McDonald's customer service about the overcharge danielonline The bun and chip issue were the same place. It could be down to staff members having a bad day or working very fast paced during busy hours Fingers crossed you get better luck next time danielonline Thanks for the info : My issue is I paid the woman again in store so its defo going through more than once. Refreshed 25th Jul Refreshed 25th Jul. Refreshed 28th Aug Refreshed 28th Aug. Update 1 16th Aug. Posted 15th Jul Posted 15th Jul.

Full details can be read here Hope it helps someone. Reality When buying via the app, it says they will prepare your food when you are nearby. Mole Is this as hot as the buffalo one they got rid of? Enjoy y.


TechnoDonkey As it's said it's not too bad now. Dunkz1 Almost tasted like they added a load of lemon juice. I put a bit of mayo on mine now with the big tasty sauce and it's pretty good TechnoDonkey There was something in their Twitter feed last year. Dunkz1 Ah I did look but couldn't see anything online.

Yes its definitely improved but really needs to go back to the original TechnoDonkey McDonalds confirmed the change last year - they replaced some of the ingredients for 'natural alternatives' - which I think means they removed the liquid smoke and created a sauce that tasted like vomit instead. There are ways! RabbiDreed Yes, when it's the Flake one!

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Posted 19th Jun Posted 19th Jun. Posted 17th Jun Posted 17th Jun. Page 4 Not sure if nationwide Have fun. Chuchi 19 Get deal Get deal. That's what I hoped, but it's worded to suggest they won't accept them. Chuchi Just make up any excuse and talk to the manager so you can only eat chicken. Actionnotwords69 I think you can't use them if using drive through method of purchase. Posted 14th Jun Posted 14th Jun. Please delete if this is already a post. I was thinking should I say something or maybe they do that to all customers 19DembaBa19 Just been to McDonalds and it worked, but when I went to the counter to get my food.

Please help thanks Wortho Use the walk up to touch screens. Find the promo code and enter the numbers ;-. Posted 12th Jun Posted 12th Jun.