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So, out of all of the hundreds, if not thousands, of labels started by DJs, which have found success?

1. Every song has two copyrightable parts

Armada Music is, perhaps, the most successful. Aside from being a platform for the Philadelphia-based producer to put out his own and Major Lazer releases, Mad Decent has introduced the U.

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  2. EDM Labels Started By DJs: Who Has Found Success?!
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EDM scene to international genres — moombahton and Brazilian baile funk, for instance — and has already gathered a sizeable pool of well-known performers. Tiesto has been the manager of multiple labels over the past 20 years, but Black Hole Recordings and Musical Freedom have been the most notable.

Label Worx

KMS Records , within the techno realm, goes without explanation. This tip made our number 1 because of the consistency it was mentioned when talking with label owners. This may sound like a no-brainer, but the inboxes of EDM Record Labels are filled with demos of sub-par tracks. It can be difficult to listen to your track objectively after spending many hours in the studio, but it is absolutely important.


You will have your track listened to by professionals with the qualifications to advise you. You want to come across as professional as possible with a brand already in place and just needs the right outlet to thrive. This includes things that may sound basic, but after speaking with some top Record Label Owners needs to be mentioned. You should already have your artist name selected with your social profiles claimed. You should have your biography and contact email available as well as at least 1 professional picture.

Now would be a great time to get a professional logo if you do not already have one.

Are Record Labels Cheating Producers Out of Royalties? | Mix EDM

Your logo is important because it helps tell your story. There is a reason most brands spend thousands on their logo to make their product appealing to their customers.

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  • Record Labels are the customer for your demo. Your branding and track should tell a story and a professionally done Track Cover can be the difference between a label buying into your story and passing over the demo. If you come to a label with a professionally done cover, they are much more likely to buy into your story and want to support the track.

    If only this popular quote held true in the context of record label demos. Sending your first record label release to a top 5 label will most likely just be a waste of your time.

    7 EDM Record Labels Who Will Listen to Your Demo in 2017 | EDM Ghost Producer

    No one starts at the top. You want to look for opportunities to realistically take a step forward with a label that will actually listen to your demo.

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    • The first on our list is Nest HQ. With a SoundCloud following of k music enthusiasts, they are a perfect mid-level label to help you jump-start your career. The label is a sub-label owned by Skrillex, but support many unknown artists. Good Enuff Records is another sub-label under Mad Decent, owned by Diplo, that helps many previously unknown artists. For any purpose.

      4 Things EDM Producers Really Need to Know Before Signing a Record Deal

      Compositions are the words, notes, rhythm, and melody of the musical work. While equally important for a song as a whole, in the eyes of copyright law nobody gives a crap. When labels are signing new talent, their potential success is pretty unknown.

      nadanmenccusar.ml In practice, one of two things happens:. An artist needs to be extremely careful when looking at options, because they are often hidden behind arbitrary timelines. A standard record contract has a month length to allow for the first album to be completed. Seems legit, right?

      If the label decides to exercise its options, you may be there for a long time. Sony Music lawsuit.