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At the base is a hinged floor-plate magazine, holding four cartridges in.

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Bolt from the blued One real asset of the Howa action is the large and well-engineered bolt and handle. Stemming from a single piece of steel bar stock, its dimensions give a comforting and robust heft to the action as a whole. There are two large locking lugs up front, which, when cammed into the action on closure, bind or mate true to the action body, thus imparting no unwelcome torque to the action.

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The bolt is totally encapsulated at the front end, rather like a Remington bolt, and so has a good deal of strength should anything untoward go wrong. Sprung within the bolt body, the plunger-type ejector forcefully ejects spent cases from the action. Primary extraction is accomplished by way of an M16 rifle-type extractor claw.

Safety and trigger The Howa uses a side safety system that is an integral part of the trigger unit. Operation is performed by way of a simple sliding knurled lever, accessed from the right-hand side of the action tang. In the forward position the rifle is ready to fire, while a swift and reasonably quiet roller action to the rear makes it safe, locking the trigger and sear, but allowing you to operate the bolt and safely to unload the rifle should you wish.

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The trigger itself is a lovely affair and a breath of fresh air compared with some I have tested. Set at no more than 2lb, it is light, responsive and totally predictable, and it does aid in shrinking those groups down-range. I would choose to leave the factory settings well alone, but you can adjust if you feel competent to do so; getting access to the adjusting screws necessitates removal of the stock first. Good stock As far as varmint stocks go, you would be hard pushed to find a better designed and finished stock for this class of rifle.

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Air Rifles. Rifleman Firearms Outlet. Established for over 20 years, we are a family run gun shop based in Milton Keynes and have over 40 years combined experience in the gun trade. Here at Donaldson's our aim is to find the gun that is right for you.

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You tell us which sort of gun you have in mind and, if you have a budget, we will advise you as to which gun would be the best suited for you. We refuse to give bad information or pressure you into buying any gun, we would rather you went away happy with your new gun knowing you have the right gun for you. Beretta Have been making guns since With almost years experience Beretta shotguns are among the most reliable and best value for money shotguns available today. Browning have been making over and under shotguns for almost years with the legendary handmade Browning B25, high quality materials and attention to detail made these guns extremely reliable and popular. Today, Browning make a production version of the Browning B25 called the B and the latest model, the Browning B, which incorporates the highest quailty components and attention to detail, but at a more affordable piece.

Benelli semi-auto shotguns are one of the best semi-auto shotgun manufacturers in the world, with their inertia driven system it makes them lighter and more reliable than most other semi-auto shotguns on the market. We stock their latest additions which include the Benelli M2 and the Benelli Vinchi.

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The Remington series was first released in and have been one of the most popular centerfire rifles ever since.