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All you have to do is earn daily ballots and use them to enter the Freebies. Questions about how Freebies. Take the tour here.

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You can earn ballots on Freebies. Use your ballots you enter our prize draws and free sample giveaways that are only open to our members. Email Address. So I re-ordered the two drones again.

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I emailed them and explained the email they sent me and got this response back I wrote in to the vendor to make sure they do not pull and process your order. Many times after a purchase, the vendor automatically processes and starts to ship your drones. I don't foresee any issues, but just wanted to double check to make sure they do not send out your drones. As soon as I get confirmation from them on your cancel, I'll go ahead and communicate back with you and refund 2 drones. Your last emails were sent to me because there was some confusion about your orders. I took a look at your account and it does seem that you have a total of 5 drones purchased.

I checked PayPal and and there hasn't been a refund to your account, which is what may have caused the confusion.

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I understand you were only interested in 3 drones, so I can definitely refund the first order of 2 drones, which would make your total 3 again. Hope that clarifies a bit and sorry for any mixup with this purchase. I then got and email that day that all 5 drones were being shipped.

I email them back right away that I was supposed to get a refund for one order but they sent all five drones and PayPal will not step in because I am getting the orders. I still do not have them and its now March 2nd.

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Lesson here You have more protection. And Buyer-Beware not all companies will do as they promise, even if its in writing.

ANyone else have a problem wit these people? I would like to know. Jul 03, , AM. Can you send me a message with your email address? Dec 10, , PM. As I always do before buying from a vendor new to me I use the web to find customer reviews. Your recounting of your experience is straightforward, clear, concise and revealing. The offer of someone from TNW to "make it right" but first he needs your email address smacks of more delay and obfuscation.

He simply made this issue into "your problem" by telling you he wants to help but can't do anything until YOU send him your email address. You communicated with TNW Deals multiple times, they have seen your email address more than once, they obviously already have it. I'll find another source for this micro drone.

Dec 26, , AM. It seems this is a faulty product because Notification for couple of things not working at all, I have reported the matter to so called 'Support Heroes', however, its been now close to two weeks but no progress except for one email received a week back asking Physical evidence, which I also responded. I will definitely refrain myself making more purchase in the future.

May 29, , PM. I purchased a deal through a friend sending it to me for PixelModo social media to help with my business. I thought it was a great deal I had never heard of PixelModo before. I made the purchase, followed the instruction by TNW Deals and filled out the form with the redemption code - ONLY to get an error that the code was invalid or previously used.

After 3 days "discussion" with the TNW support team - to be told "we can't help with this nor will we issue a refund.

The website is currently not available

You'll have to talk to Pixel Modo. I have contacted PixelModo directly and am waiting. But they sure did take my money. During all of this, I discovered that in I had a similiar experience with them! They changed their name, but the support team was the same! These people have scammed me twice now. Jun 18, , AM.